Our Message

We believe that God created, and it was good. But we also know that the world as we know it is broken by sin. Sin can be defined as missing God’s mark. God is perfect and we are not. We are actually rebellious, desiring to live life by our own standards and rules instead of God’s. This has left us separated from God and headed to an eternity apart from Him in a place called Hell. 
But the good news is what we call the Gospel. God looked upon our broken lives and sent His Son Jesus to be the Savior we need. Jesus lived a perfect life in our stead, and died a sinner’s death in our place. He took the penalty of our sins upon himself and then rose again, defeating death. We benefit from His work when we understand that we are sinners and make a decision to turn away from our life of sin to faith in Jesus Christ. This results in a relationship with God and the promise of new life in the present, as well as life after death. 

Our Authority

The Bible is our foundation for faith and practice. It is the Bible that teaches us the Gospel. And it is the Bible that directs us in how we live. The Bible is clear that its commands can be summed up in the dual commands of loving God and loving people. In doing this, we strive in our daily lives to worship and enjoy God. And one of the ways we do this is by loving one another and loving the world by constantly pointing people to Jesus as the source of life and hope. 

Our Church

Upon faith in Jesus, God places us in His family. In part, that means we connect to a local group of believers to grow and live out our Christian faith. This is who we are as First Baptist Marshall. We are a group of redeemed sinners who call Jesus our Lord and Savior. We invite you to join with us as we worship God and seek to follow His commands of loving one another and being His witnesses in our world. 

For more specific details of our doctrine please refer to http://www.sbc.net/bfm2000/bfm2000.asp

"A Disciple-Making Church"